Is the back of your Pixel 4 XL ‘peeling off’?


UPDATE: An official spokesperson from uBreakiFix contacted us, providing a statement regarding the alleged issue with the Pixel 4 XL. The article has been updated to include the statement. 

Google can’t seem to catch a break with its phones. Android Police stumbled upon a new threat on Google’s support forums for the Pixel 4 XL reveals that a number of users are reporting issues with the glass panel on the back “peeling off” from the body of the phone.

While the post on the Google support forum is only about a month old, similar threads on Reddit reported the same issue over 6 months ago. One commenter on Reddit who claims to be a manager of a uBreakiFix store states that the peeling back panel is caused by brittle battery connectors which lead to a swollen battery. The same user says that uBreakiFix store employees are instructed not to tell customers that it is a known issue. 

Statement from UBreakiFix: “We defer to manufacturers regarding alleged device issues, and we have no known technical service bulletins regarding battery swelling issues in the Pixel 4 series. Customers who experience any non-user induced issues with their Pixel device can get it repaired under warranty at their nearest uBreakiFix.”  

A good number of Pixel 4 XL owners who have reported the issue say they were able to exchange the device for a new one through their service provider or get an RMA directly through Google, but there are some who have run into roadblocks since the glass panel on the back of the phone falls under “cosmetic” issues with the device and is not technically covered by the phone’s “mechanical” warranty.

It’s impossible for us to know how widespread the issue if since Google hasn’t officially acknowledged the Pixel 4 XL’s peeling glass panel as a known issue yet. Let us know if this is an issue you’ve faced with your Pixel 4 XL.

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