If this is the Razer Phone 3, color us disappointed


The last time Razer released a smartphone was back in 2018 with the Razer Phone 2. The company has been mum on the future of their handsets, although back in 2019 it seemed like a third Razer Phone could be in question as the company was cutting some of their workforce that used to work on the Razer Phone.

But could Razer be looking to revive their mobile efforts? Maybe. This is thanks to a couple of images posted onto Twitter by @Boby25846908 who claims that someone had sent him photos that are alleged the prototype of the Razer Phone 3. Upon first glance, it seems that the design of the Razer Phone 3 looks almost identical to its predecessor.

Taking a closer look at the phone has revealed some potential changes, such as how the top and bottom bezels on the front of the phone have shrunk by a bit, and how the camera orientation on the back of the phone has also changed from horizontal to vertical. It also seems that it now sports a triple camera setup versus the dual camera setup from before.

That being said, it is unclear what these photos could mean. It is possible that these photos might be of an older prototype that Razer was working on. We wouldn’t be surprised if Razer had been prototyping a possible third Razer Phone before the rumors of its workforce being cut.

It is also possible that this could signal that Razer might have decided to pick up where they left off and begin working on their third device. We should note that it is quite rare to see companies sit out an entire year of not making a device, only to successfully stage a comeback, so maybe don’t get your hopes up for now.

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