Jul 14th, 2020

Following the launch of the Pixel 3a back in 2019, it makes sense that the Pixel 4a could launch this year. Google has yet to formally announce a date for the handset, but it seems that maybe someone at the company might have gotten ahead of themselves and posted an image of the Pixel 4a on the company’s website.

We have seen leaks of the handset but this is pretty much as official as it gets and confirms the design that we have seen before. Based on the render shared on Google’s website, the Pixel 4a will sport a front-facing hole punch camera and also a single rear-facing camera. What’s interesting is that the handset’s render shows the 12th of May on it, which has led to speculation that the handset was originally intended to be announced earlier this year, but was later postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

That being said, we imagine that the launch should be close at hand. Back in June, a handset that was speculated to be the Pixel 4a was spotted at the FCC, signalling that it was close to being launched. There is still no official date from Google yet, but combine the FCC sighting and the listing on Google’s website, there is a good chance we could be learning about the phone soon.

Whether or not it will be announced alongside the Pixel 5 remains to be seen, so do check back with us in the near future for more updates.

Source: The Verge

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