Jun 26th, 2020

If the idea of owning a Pixel handset has always appealed to you but its price was a bit too expensive for your liking, then Google’s Pixel 3a last year was a pretty decent option. Google is expected to follow that up this year with the Pixel 4a. The company has yet to confirm anything, but a recent FCC sighting left little to the imagination.

The sighting on the FCC, as tweeted by XDA’s Mishaal Rahman, does at the very least confirm the phone exists. The listing doesn’t give away the specs of the phone, but last we heard, it would be a mid-range handset with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 730 chipset, 6GB of RAM, and a 5.81-inch display with a 2340×1080 resolution.

The phone is also rumored to come with a 12.2MP camera, a 3,080mAh battery, and unfortunately for would-be customers, it will most likely not come with support for 5G. We did hear that the Pixel 4a could be launching only in October which does seem a bit late, plus also with handsets like the Pixel 5 on the horizon, we’re not sure if it would be such a smart idea as those devices will undoubtedly overshadow it.

The main selling point of the Pixel 4a is said to be its price, where it might be priced at $350, but other than that, we’re not sure if the phone will have what it takes to make any kind of meaningful impact.

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