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This is what Google’s new Nest speaker looks like


Back in 2019, Google started a rebranding exercise in which they slowly started to rebrand some of its Google Home products under the Nest brand. We saw this with the Nest Mini which replaced the Google Home Mini, and also the Nest WiFi which also replaced Google WiFi.

We had heard that Google was planning on continuing this rebranding to the flagship Google Home, and it looks like they might have done that. Thanks to 9to5Google, it appears that Google have sent the publication images of the upcoming new Nest speaker from the company.

Google does not state which particular Google Home product this new Nest speaker will replace, but it seems that it will most likely end up replacing Google Home, although its new name remains unclear. The new Nest speaker sports an entirely different design from the original Google Home, and while Google was shy on the details of the speaker, it has been rumored that it could come with stereo pairing, a feature that originally debuted in the Google Home Max.

It is also said that these new speakers will feature sound capabilities that place it somewhere between the Google Home and Home Max, so we’re not sure if this means that the Home Max has been replaced. There is currently no word on when these new speakers will be announced, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Google were to announce them alongside the upcoming Pixel 5 smartphone.

Source: 9to5Google

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