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Recruitment Has Never Been This Easy

The Internet has permeated every aspect. Today, there are online tools that help market researchers, sales professionals, brand managers, and HR among others. These tools help professionals to stay on track and streamline their activities. 

For companies with international customers, these tools let them reach them. With the right online recruitment tool, companies can bring their own respondents or recruit from a global network. In this post, you will learn about a top global online recruitment tool. – The go-to business research tool is a global network of agency partners and online panels. It supports 95 countries around the world giving businesses coverage where they need. 

It lets businesses recruit from a representative sample or choose from the marketplace offering. With, companies get standard or specialty recruiting choices that meet their timeline, budget, and target customers. 

The platform provides unlimited screening questions and makes it possible to recruit from B2B and healthcare. Availability relies on the unique combination of research timeline,  incidence rate, and incentives offered among others. 

What’s more, allows companies to use its interactive system to analyze the best choices for them.

Why choose comes with multiple features that make it easy for companies to accomplish their goals. Here are some of them: 

  1. Recruit from company list
    Most companies have access to troves of customer data. With, companies can mine user lists to get qualitative insights. To unlock the data, companies can recruit from registered users, online communities,  customer lists, and social media followers among others.Thanks to, companies can develop a custom screener or use the provided template to categorize their customers. performs an automatic check for technical compatibility and video rescreening to establish eligibility.

    It eases the process, for instance, businesses can copy a link to the screener and send it to any customer group. As well, for pre-screened groups, businesses can send a direct link for a technical check. Also, it provides respondent scheduling and automated reminders

  1. Calendar integration
    The platform lets confirmed respondents together with assigned moderators to receive automatic calendar invites. These calendar invites are compatible with both Outlook and Google.
  1. Device Targeting lets you establish if respondents can participate through a smartphone or tablet to manage the experience. For interviews requiring whiteboard or screen-sharing, smartphones are not allowed.
  2. Incentive management
    With, businesses can easily remunerate respondents for their time through their preferred gift cards that have global coverage. Also, businesses can export the attendance list for payment through the rewards program.
  1. Additional services provides in-house professional service providers and project managers in case you need a helping hand. These help you put the final touches on your research initiative.

Some of the services include: 

  • Moderation services 
  • Report writing 
  • Translation services 
  • Screener writing 
  • Discussion guide

Conclusion is a leader in online recruitment tools for business research needs. The tool supports the reach of customers across 95 countries around the world. Check it out through its demo for more details.

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