Save a ton on the Razer Raiju Mobile gaming controller


On screen controls on our smartphones work for certain games, but there are other games in which a physical controller would do a much, much better job. If you are in agreement and are looking for a new gaming controller, then Razer’s Raiju Mobile might be worth taking a look at.

This is because the controller is typically priced at $150, but over on Amazon, it has since been discounted by over $40, meaning that you’ll be able to grab one for just a hair over $100. This is a pretty good deal and the best part is that thanks to its universal grip, it should fit the majority of smartphones out there.

The Raiju Mobile will feature a standard controller layout, meaning you can expect two analog sticks, a D-pad, and four main buttons on the front. There are also shoulder buttons and according to Razer, there will be a built-in hair trigger mode for those who might need it.

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