Jun 8th, 2020

There are so many ways currently available to read books that you can easily become overwhelmed by which app to use. To help you, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite eBook reading apps on your smartphone or tablet. Most of the apps listed have similar feature lists but each puts their own spin on those features with various UI tweaks to enhance the reading experience.

If you have any recommendations for other great reading apps, please share them in the comments.

The Amazon Kindle is one of the pioneers in e-books and the app is a great way to read your current books or discover new gems to read. Select from over 6 million books, magazines, and comics. Bestseller charts let you see what’s popular now and maybe introduce you to a new favorite author. The Kindle Unlimited subscription service lets you explore over 1 million titles with unlimited reading. One feature I thought was great is the ability to tie the app to the Libby app, also mentioned in this article, and read e-books from your library through the Kindle app.