Jun 8th, 2020

There are so many ways currently available to read books that you can easily become overwhelmed by which app to use. To help you, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite eBook reading apps on your smartphone or tablet. Most of the apps listed have similar feature lists but each puts their own spin on those features with various UI tweaks to enhance the reading experience.

If you have any recommendations for other great reading apps, please share them in the comments.

NOOK is the Barnes & Noble reading application for their eBook reading experience. Use the app to scour over 4 million eBooks magazines, comics, and graphic novels including over 75,000 free titles. Go ahead and download eBook samples for those books that sound good, but you aren’t quite sure you want to buy. The NOOK reading app is highly customizable and lets you add bookmarks, notes, and highlights. Profiles let each user in your family have a customizable reading experience and you can share books across all profiles without needing to buy multiple copies of a book, magazine, or comic.

  • Download NOOK: Read eBooks & Magazines: iOS / Android