MediaTek Helios G85 chipset shows the company is serious about gaming


Gaming smartphones might seem like a rather novel idea when they first launched, but it appears that the trend is actually gaining steam. In fact, MediaTek seems to have doubled down on their efforts as the company has taken the wraps off their latest chipset, the Helios G85 which has a greater focus on gaming than before.

The G85 is an octa-core chipset which will feature dual A75 cores clocked at 2GHz, and six A55 cores clocked at 1.8GHz. It also sports the ARM Mali-G52 GPU which comes in at 1GHz, offering greater performance (at least on paper) compared to other models and its predecessors.

It’s not just all about power though, the Helios G85 also features the company’s HyperEngine technology, which according to MediaTek, boasts greater sustained performance over a long period of time, something that some phones and chipsets cannot always guarantee. Based on the Manhattan benchmarks, MediaTek claims that the G85 is capable of achieving a score of 25 fps.

In addition to being great for games, the G85 will be useful for photography, where the built-in AI will be able to boost camera capabilities like object recognition, smart photo albums, scene detection, background removal, and enhanced bokeh shots. There will also be integrated voice wakeup capabilities, meaning that digital assistants like Google Assistant can easily be summoned without it taking up too much of the phone’s power.

That being said, while MediaTek might seem like they’re always a step or two behind the likes of Qualcomm, the company’s efforts at creating more powerful gaming chipsets is definitely helping them gain more mainstream attention than before. It is unclear which smartphones will be taking advantage of the Helios G85, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for them.

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