Apr 4th, 2020

The problem with our electronics is that sometimes they can get outdated, whether it be in the hardware or software department. If you’d rather not spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year upgrading your smartphone, the good news is that if you’re a Samsung Galaxy S10 or Note 10 user, there’s an update you’ll want to check out.

Samsung has announced that they have pushed out an update that will be bringing some of the features from its brand new Galaxy S20 flagship smartphones to its 2019 models, which includes the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy Note 10. This includes features such as Single Take that takes photos using all the various cameras on the phone to produce a variety of photos for you to choose from.

There will also be Night Hyperlapse which as the name implies, lets you take hyperlapse photos but at night, thanks to better low-light management. There is also a new Pro Video feature that gives users more control over their camera, like its shutter speed, ISO, and exposure, along with Front & Rear Video Recording that lets users switch between the front and rear cameras while shooting.

Samsung will also be bringing its new Quick Share feature to the Galaxy S10 and Note 10, which for those unfamiliar is basically Samsung’s answer to Apple’s AirDrop, where the phone can detect contacts who are nearby and then you can send them files such as photos and videos. The update should already be live as it was pushed out on the 3rd of April, so owners of either handset should keep an eye out for it.

Source: Samsung

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