Mar 25th, 2020

Marshall is a brand that many musicians are undoubtedly familiar with, as a company that makes amplifiers for guitars and bass. In recent years, Marshall started branching out into consumer audio where they made headphones and Bluetooth speakers, many of which have been pretty well-received.

Now it looks like the company is back with its latest product in the form of the Marshall Uxbridge. With the design of the speaker, it seems that Marshall is looking to cater this to users who want an alternative to speaker systems like Amazon’s Echo, where the Uxbridge will come with Alexa onboard.

This means that if you wanted a set of speakers that don’t take up a lot of space but also sound good, then the Marshall Uxbridge could be worth taking a look at. Marshall claims that despite its small stature, the Uxbridge is capable of creating “thunderous sound”, while also being able to produce “screaming highs” and “hard-hitting lows”.

Given that Alexa has been integrated into the speakers, it also means that users will be able to use the Uxbridge to control smart home devices and perform actions that other Alexa-enabled speakers can. There is also support for a multi-room setup, where you can chain multiple Uxbridge speakers (or other Alexa-enabled speakers) together so that you can pipe music through your entire house easily and wirelessly.

The Marshall Uxbridge will be released on the 8th of April where it will retail for $199.

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