LG V60 versus Pixel 4 camera comparison: one step forward, but is it enough?


The all-new LG V60 has finally landed, delivering a 2020 flagship device at an incredible price. While the phone has a lot of competition already, LG’s device really stands out from the crowd by delivering a well-balanced spec sheet and massive battery, all while coming in substantially below the $1,000 price tag that most other flagship smartphones are selling for these days. We’ll be coming the LG V60 in a lot more detail in the coming weeks, but for now, we’re interested in seeing if the phone’s cameras have what it take to compete with the Pixel 4.

For its camera setup, the LG V60 is packing a massive 64MP main camera sensors, 13MP ultra-wide camera and a ToF 3D sensor for capturing more accurate depth information. The main camera can record 8K video at 28fps, but most will use its 4K setting at 60fps or 30 fps while the ultra-wide camera can only capture 4K at 30fps. Up front, the phone also sports a 10MP camera that can capture video at 4K/60fps. The Pixel 4 has a much more simple camera setup with a 12MP main camera, 16MP secondary camera with a 2X telephoto lens and 8MP front-facing camera. The rear cameras can capture video at 4K/30fps while the front-facing camera is limited to 1080p/30fps

To show how these two phones perform in day-to-day shooting scenarios, we captured more than 70 photos and videos clip indoors, outside and in low-light conditions to push them to their very limits. Take a look at the video below and the gallery to see how the cameras on the Pixel 4 and LG V60 compare.

LG V60 versus Pixel 4 image samples

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