Incredible discount offers $200 in savings on the Jackery E1000 power station!


The Jackery E1000 Power Station is one of the best lithium battery generator replacements on the market. While they are typically quite expensive, Jackery is offering an incredible deal today with a $200 discount when using discount code NPYLPDCW at checkout, dropping the price from $1,000 to $800.

Jackery introduced the Explorer E1000 Power Station at CES earlier this year, featuring a 1000Wh capacity and a built-in inverter capable of delivering a continuous 1000W of power through its 3 AC outlets and 2000W surges if you’re plugging in small appliances that are a bit more demanding. The Jackery E1000 also comes with 2 USB-C output ports, 2 USB-A output ports, and a car output port and can be charged via a standard AC Wall Outlet, 12V car outlet or solar panels.

Portable power stations like the Jackery E1000 are perfect for camping trips or as a backup power source for the house in case the power goes out, allowing you to charge your electronics, power some lights and even keep your fridge running until power is restored. Like all of Jackery’s other products, the Explorer E1000 Power Station also comes with a 2-year warranty.

This amazing deal is available on Amazon in the US and Canada and Jackery’s website if you’d like to purchase it directly from them.

BONUS: Jackery is also offering $300 in savings if you pick up the Jackery Explorer E1000 and two of its 100W solar panels using discount code JIH5ZU5K

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