Get in the Game: How Hockey Fans Can Bet the Smart Way on Android

Savvy hockey fans should use these tips to get connected with their favorite sport and place bets the smart way right from their phone.

Savvy hockey fans should use these tips to get connected with their favorite sport and place bets the smart way right from their phone.

Are you a hockey fan looking to take your betting game to the next level? Mobile wagering is the way to go, and Android users will be happy to know that their devices are some of the best for online betting. This is great news for hockey enthusiasts, and it’s easier to get started than you may think.

Why Android is Better for Mobile Sports Betting

There are many advantages when it comes to owning an Android phone, and one of the most beneficial for hockey fans is the accessibility of mobile wagering. While neither Google Play nor the App Store offer mobile betting applications, Android has what iOS doesn’t: an open-source platform offering third-party apps to users. 

This means that users hoping to download and use betting apps on Android can do so. They’ll have to look outside of Google Play, but they are still at an advantage. Apple devices are much more restricted, so iPhone users will have a much harder time accessing mobile bookmaking apps at all. 

Android is also quite hockey-friendly in general. Google Play offers a large, comprehensive library of hockey-related apps and games for you to download, including Yahoo’s Fantasy Hockey app. These can help fans get in the game and stay connected with the sport while they’re out and about.

What to Know Before You Wager

Before you get started wagering, arm yourself with some useful apps. That way, you’ll be able to keep track of everything going on and update yourself quickly and easily from your device. The best hockey apps to use depend on what bets you want to make and which aspects of the game you’re interested in, but there are a few worth noting. These include sports news readers like Feedly and scorekeeping apps like SofaScore, as well as the official app of the NHL.

There are also live TV and streaming apps like YouTube TV, Hulu, and PlayStation Vue available on Google Play which allow you to watch the games of your choice on the go. It’s important to keep up with your team in order to make accurate predictions when wagering, so you can download the one which best suits your needs and settle in to watch the action. 

Watching live hockey is a blast, but you might not have the time or the tickets to get in—in that case, fire up your Android for some live streaming to view the game and stay in the know.

Don’t have time to watch each and every NHL game? Don’t panic. Instead, consult the authorities. You can’t foresee the future conclusively, but you can help yourself out by reading up on free NHL picks and predictions online right from your Android device. That way, you’ll be armed with expert opinions and advice which will help you wager with confidence.

How to Place a Hockey Bet from Your Phone

Once you know everything you need to know about your game of choice, it’s time to place your bets. Here, it’s crucial to shop around for the best bookmaker in your region so you know you’re getting the best returns possible from your wagers. 

Depending on your location and the services offered by the bookmaker, you may or may not be able to download a third-party app—but never fear. Most mobile bookmakers offer platforms from which you can place a bet by accessing the site, so all you need is an internet connection and a little bit of faith. 

If you don’t already have one, be sure to make an account and deposit money on the bookmaker’s website. This is usually quick and easy, so it shouldn’t be much trouble at all. Some bookmakers even offer welcome bonuses and free bets to newcomers on the site, so take advantage of these if they’re available. Once you place your bets, all you have to do is wait. Hopefully, your favorite NHL team will win the day!

Now that you know all about hockey betting on Android, you’re all set to bet with ease and confidence right from your phone. The adventure is calling you, so don’t hesitate to fire up your device and take part in some action-packed mobile wagering today.

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