HTC plans to launch a 5G smartphone this year


HTC was one of the companies that was pretty active early on in the smartphone scene. They were also the first to team up with Google for the first-ever Nexus handset, but over the years due to increased competition, HTC has slowly and quietly fallen by the wayside, despite the company’s best attempts.

The good news for fans of HTC is that if you were hoping that the company hasn’t walked away from smartphones just yet, you’ll be pleased to learn that during an interview with HTC’s new CEO, Yves Maitre, he has confirmed that the company plans to make a return to the smartphone market this year with a brand new 5G device.

While HTC hasn’t been particularly active on the smartphone front, they are still very much interested in mobile devices where last year, they launched the HTC 5G Smart Hub which is basically a 5G hotspot. We did hear rumors back in 2019 that suggested that HTC isn’t completely out of the game yet, and it looks like this is the year the company will be making their comeback.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the upcoming handset or when it will be launched. This means that we can’t be sure if HTC is planning a high-end flagship device or if they’re hoping to capture the mid-range market with a 5G model. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see for ourselves, so stay tuned for more updates in the future.

Source: UDN

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