Motorola disputes Razr durability test video, releases their own


Recently, the folks at CNET conducted a test of the recently released Motorola Razr foldable smartphone in which they found that after 27,000 or so folds, the phone “broke”. To be fair, the phone continued to work, but they considered it “broken” as the phone could not return back to its original form at that point.

Motorola has since disputed the video in which they said the SquareTrade’s robot, which was used to fold and unfold the phone, put “undue stress” on the phone’s hinge. While we’re not sure about that, what we did see from the video was that the phone was folded and unfolded in a very aggressive manner that might be how the average user uses the phone.

The company has also since released their own test video which shows how they went about testing their phone, which was slower and slightly more gentle. Motorola does not mention how many folds the Razr will be able to achieve before it reaches its breaking point, but the company states that it should be able to last for years.

This is rather ambiguous but if you don’t mind taking a chance of a piece of fledging technology and have about $1,500 to spend, then perhaps the Motorola Razr could be worth checking out. Or maybe you could always wait for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and see how that one holds up.

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