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What to expect from Samsung’s Galaxy S20 event


On the 11th of February (Tuesday), Samsung will be hosting their Galaxy Unpacked event. While the company has been coy about what the event will be about, it’s a safe bet that it will most definitely be where the company officially announces their next-gen flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S20.

But will the event only be about that? Will there be more? Here’s what we think we might be able to expect from Samsung’s Galaxy S20 event next week.

Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup

Like we said, it’s almost a guarantee that Samsung will announce their next-gen flagship handset, the Galaxy S20. If you have been following the rumors, then you have probably heard that there will be more than one variant of the Galaxy S20.

This is said to include the Galaxy S20e, the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S20+, and we have also heard that there might be a Galaxy S20 Ultra. Some of the changes we can expect from the phones include the use of a 120Hz display and even 5G. Word on the street has it that one of the models could even come with a massive 108MP camera sensor (although we think that this is more to do with marketing rather than being functional).

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

In addition to the Galaxy S20 lineup, we also expect that Samsung will announce their next foldable phone. This device has been referred to as the Galaxy Z Flip, which will not be the successor to last year’s Galaxy Fold, but will be a device on its own. Based on the leaks, it will be similar to Motorola’s Razr foldable phone, where it will sport a clamshell design that’s a throwback to flip-style feature phones from back in the day.

The rumors are also claiming that the phone might be priced at $1,600, making it ever-so-slightly more affordable compared to the Galaxy Fold, although it is still by no means cheap.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+

Apart from new phones, Samsung could also introduce new accessories like the Galaxy Buds+, the successor to last year’s Galaxy Buds which are a fantastic pair of true wireless earbuds. The rumors surrounding the Galaxy Buds+ is that they will feature longer battery life and improved active noise isolation.

We have also heard that Samsung might include a pair of the earbuds for customers who are willing to pre-order the Galaxy S20 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Home Mini

Last year Samsung confirmed the existence of the Galaxy Home Mini, but it was launched as a beta in South Korea. While Samsung has not said much about the smart speaker since then, we wouldn’t be surprised if they took this opportunity to share more details regarding its availability.

Samsung Korea also seemingly leaked the release date on its website where it said it would be available on the 12th of February. That page has since been pulled, but it is in line with the CEO of Samsung’s consumer electronics division who said that the speakers would be available for purchase in the early part of 2020.

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