Feb 7th, 2020

Dbrand is a company that sells skins for phones, allowing you not only to “de-brand” your device of filthy brand names and FCC text, but to also change the look of your device entirely. It’s an awesome and cheap way to get a fresh look and more grip on a huge variety of devices.

And until now, you’ve had to buy them online and pay shipping. Once they arrive you have to install them, which isn’t easy. Dbrand does have great videos on how to install the skins effectively but you do risk messing it up and needing a new skin.

Thankfully things are changing, at least if you live in Toronto. A single Samsung Experience Store has partnered with dbrand to not only sell the skins for Samsung devices, but install them for you. This removes the risk of messing it up and you don’t even have to pay the store to do it! Installation is free with the purchase of a skin.

It’s unknown whether dbrand plans to open more booths in other stores or what other partners the company will get. Maybe we’ll see the company spread through the retail world, or maybe this is a one off in the city they’re based in. Either way, if you have a Samsung device and live in Toronto, go visit dbrand’s booth!

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