5 reasons why I’m not excited about the Samsung Galaxy S20


Next week, Samsung will be officially launching its brand new Galaxy S20 lineup of flagship smartphones. These will most likely be Samsung’s most powerful smartphones to date, but being the most powerful doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the best. In fact, I can’t say I’m too excited for the launch, and here are 5 reasons why.


Without a doubt, Samsung will be pricing the Galaxy S20 lineup along the same lines as the Galaxy S10 from last year. We have also heard rumors that there will be an “Ultra” model with 5G this year as well, and while it will no doubt come with all the bells and whistles, there will undoubtedly be a price to match.

Phones these days are becoming ridiculously expensive and with Samsung seemingly sticking to their guns with regards to pricing, it’s hard to be excited for a phone that will cost you over $1,000 when there are plenty of cheaper alternatives out there.

Lack of innovation

Samsung will no doubt market its new phones and its new features as being groundbreaking, industry-first, world-first, innovative, and so on, but in all honesty, the smartphone industry has plateaued. Samsung has figured out a formula that works for them and they’re sticking with it.

We can’t blame them for doing so, but at the same time, it doesn’t feel too exciting as it is essentially more of the same.

Same ole design

Samsung’s phones are beautiful to look at and they’re also wonderful to hold in your hand. But for the most part, Samsung’s phone designs haven’t really evolved too much over the years. Samsung has made some slight changes here and there, but what we’ve really been hoping to see is a massive redesign that would make us all go, “Whoa”.

So far the renders we’ve come across all suggest that it will be similar-ish to last year’s designs so don’t hold your breath if you’re hoping for something truly breathtaking.

Ugly hole-punch camera

Based on the leaks and renders, Samsung will continue relying on a hole-punch front-facing camera which I think ruins the otherwise beautiful full-screen display. Samsung has had a whole year to try and bring an under-display camera to its phones, but it looks like this year is not that year.

Xiaomi had previously offered an explanation why such cameras aren’t viable yet, but shouldn’t Samsung with its vast resources and various tech divisions pull off something the competition has yet to figure out?

Boring cameras

According to the rumors, Samsung will be introducing a bunch of new cameras to its Galaxy S20 smartphones. We have heard that this will be a combination of a wide-angle camera and a zoom camera, which honestly doesn’t sound all too exciting as many other companies have done it before.

We have also heard that there could be the inclusion of a 108MP camera, but megapixels don’t really matter when the bulk of your photos are uploaded to social media where they’re viewed on a small screen and are compressed.

This isn’t to say that the photos taken by the Galaxy S20 won’t be fantastic (we’re sure that it will), but it’s not exactly something I would get too excited and jump up and down about.


As I mentioned previously, the Galaxy S20 lineup will represent the best that Samsung has to offer. I have no doubt that the phone will be a beast in terms of performance of both its hardware, software, and cameras, and that Samsung will have no problems moving many units with ease. But with today’s climate where we’re seeing more Chinese companies taking risks to come up with new and interesting ideas, it’s hard to get excited about a phone lineup that’s a decade old.

Tyler Lee
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