Jan 31st, 2020

When smartphone companies started making handsets with full screen displays, unfortunately due to the need for front-facing cameras, some companies have come up with solutions such as the notch. Others, such as Samsung, have opted for hole-punch cameras, while others have gone with popup cameras.

Each of them has their pros and cons, but the ultimate goal is to create a smartphone where the front-facing camera can be hidden directly under the display itself. We know that Samsung is working on the tech, but why isn’t it here yet? What’s taking so long? For those who are curious, Xiaomi has a possible explanation.

According to Xiaomi’s VP Lu Weibing, in order for the front camera to be as effective under the display compared to more traditional methods, it would require a lower PPI. Unfortunately, lowering the PPI will result in a portion of the display looking patchy and discolored.

Lu claims that at the moment, it is impossible to find a solution that can balance both the display effects and the camera, and as a result, trying to mass produce the tech would simply be impossible at this point in time.

Note that Lu is speaking on behalf of Xiaomi, so whether or not other companies such as Samsung are facing similar issues is unclear, or if maybe Samsung might have found their own solution already. In any case, for those who are still hoping for notch-less smartphones this year, it looks like we could be in for a wait.

Source: XDA Developers

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