Jan 2nd, 2020

Last year, LG launched the LG G8x ThinQ and one of the unique features of the phone is that it is sold with an optional accessory in the form of a secondary display. LG has yet to fully hop on board the bandwagon of foldable smartphones, and the secondary display accessory was basically LG’s alternative take to it.

It looks like LG could be taking things further because according to a report from LetsGoDigital, they have discovered a new patent from LG that reveals that the company has a foldable display device in the works, but it’s not what you think it is.

Instead of a fully foldable smartphone, this comes in the form of a smartphone case/cover accessory that features a foldable display. This means that instead of the phone itself sporting a flexible screen, it is the accessory that offers up the feature. The phone will instead sit inside of the case/cover while the flexible display sits on the outside, essentially giving this phone a display on the inside and on the outside.

Image credit – LetsGoDigital

The upside to this particular design is that in the event the foldable display gets damaged, it can be easily replaced for a potentially cheaper price than replacing the entire phone. It also gives users the option of not using it if they don’t want to and prefer using their smartphones the “normal” way.

Of course, with it being a patent, there’s no way of knowing if LG ever plans on making it a reality, but to be honest, it does seem like a good idea and we wouldn’t mind seeing it happen.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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