Jan 3rd, 2020

The cameras on our smartphones have been getting massive upgrades over the years, where we’re starting to see more companies increase the number of cameras on the back of our phones. On the front of our phones, however, not too much attention has been paid to them, save for ToF sensors (which we think are useless, or at least based on its current implementation).

That being said, Vivo might be considering changing up that narrative where in a recently-discovered patent, it appears that Vivo could be looking into creating a smartphone that will come with as many as four front-facing cameras. The patent, as you can see in the image below, suggests multiple potential placements.

For example, one iteration suggests placing the cameras around each corner of the phone, while the others suggests that there will be two cameras in each corner at the top of the phone. With this being a patent, there’s no way of knowing if Vivo actually plans on making it a reality, but we suppose it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that companies might want to start paying attention to the front cameras as well as the rear.

Unfortunately, this design does leave a lot to be desired as we imagine that not many people will appreciate how many holes the front of their phones will have. Companies such as Samsung have been working to try and incorporate cameras underneath the displays of their phones, which we may or may not see this year.

Source: Tigermobiles

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