Jan 2nd, 2020

Xiaomi might have initially been known for creating budget handsets, but in recent years, the company has been evolving where they started creating some pretty unique and interesting smartphones. One of those devices, the Mi Mix Alpha, was announced in September last year.

One of the main draws to the smartphone was that it featured a wraparound display, making it look all kinds of futuristic. The company had initially planned a small production run for December 2019, but now it looks like it may never happen.

Xiaomi has since confirmed that the Mi Mix Alpha has been delayed and the company does not have a new launch date set yet. Given that the device was initially launched as a concept phone, it doesn’t come as a complete shocker that it might have been delayed or that its release may never happen.

We imagine that there are probably quite a few technical hurdles that Xiaomi had to overcome to get the display to wrap around the phone. We also imagine that the production costs probably aren’t cheap either, which means that if it were to be released, it will not be cheap for customers as well.

Xiaomi has yet to give an official reason as to why the handset has been delayed, but if you were hoping to get your hands on it, you might not want to hold your breath.

Source: GSMArena

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