Oct 16th, 2019

Ever since Google introduced its Night Sight camera mode to its Pixel phones, suddenly the company went from a maker of smartphones with mediocre to a company that could challenge the likes of Samsung and Apple. This is why many were excited to see what kind of changes Google could bring to the Pixel 4 smartphones.

One of the new features that Google introduced to the Pixel 4 smartphones is the astrophotography mode. This is essentially an enhanced version of Night Sight, where it would allow users to snap some pretty impressive photos at night, and the good news is that this feature won’t be exclusive to the Pixel 4.

Google has announced on Twitter that the feature will also be making its way onto the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a smartphones. Before you get too excited, Android Police points out that while the feature will be similar, how it will be achieved on the older Pixel phones may vary. This is namely due to hardware, where Google’s newer Pixel phones will be slightly more capable than the older devices.

The end result might also not be 100% identical, but we’ll have to wait and see how different it will look. The Pixel 4 smartphones will also come with an additional lens, and if you want to see how the new cameras fare, check out our hands-on with the device and stay tuned for a more comprehensive review.

Source: Android Police

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