Pixel 4 low-light camera test (50+ photos & videos)


After showing you what the Pixel 4’s cameras were capable of during the day in our first camera test, we thought you’d like to see what Google’s new flagship smartphone is capable of when lighting isn’t ideal. After the Pixel 4 launch event, we took the phone out for a quick photo session at Hudson Yards, capturing images of The Vessel and the surrounding area to see how the cameras held up.

Google Pixel 4 camera test (daylight)

To get the full experience, we recommend watching the embedded 4K video which includes all the photos and video clips we captured, but if you simply want to take a look at the images, we have a gallery of 50+ images for you to browse through.

We’re still getting a feel for what the camera can do, but so far we’re pretty impressed. Let us know what you think of the Pixel 4’s new cameras.

Pixel 4 low-light camera samples

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