Oct 15th, 2019

Google lead today’s event early with the update to the Pixel Buds and thankfully they’ve cut the wraparound cord and gone to a fully wireless design. The actual earbuds are similar in design to much of what we’ve already seen on the market from Jabra and others and the battery case will definitely draw comparisons to the AirPods.

The Pixel Buds will come in black, white, coral and mint green, take that AirPods.

The features are definitely the more interesting piece of the Pixel Buds, with Google making some bold claims about the range at up to 3 rooms away or the length of a football field. The Pixel Buds don’t offer noise-cancelling, but they will adjust to the ambient noise in the space.

Naturally Google Assistant is on board and will handle any voice control tasks that you might have for your phone.

Battery life looks to be a strength for Pixel Buds with 5 hours for the devices alone and up to 24 hours with the charging case. This matches the numbers that Apple cites for the updated AirPods exactly.

Unfortunately, we have a little bit of a wait before we are going to be able to get our hands on the new Pixel Buds, they aren’t coming out until sometime in Spring 2020 and will cost $179 at launch.

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