Sep 10th, 2019

During the early days of the Nexus phones, Google was under pretty harsh criticism regarding the cameras on the phone, and it was probably only with the Nexus 6P that we started to see major improvements. The improvements since then have been in leaps and bounds, where last year’s Pixel 3 smartphones offered up some truly impressive photography.

That being said, this year’s Pixel 4 could have some surprises as well. This is according to a leaked trailer obtained by Spanish website ProAndroid in which it shows off some of the Pixel 4’s capabilities and features. In one part of the trailer, it seems to show how the Pixel 4’s camera could come with an astrophotography mode with the ability to capture stars in the night sky.

Judging by the trailer, it is pretty impressive. Google’s Night Sight mode is already quite amazing at how it handles low-light photography, but this seems to be taking things to the next level. We’re not sure how accurate these photos are, especially since taking astrophotography does require certain weather and environmental conditions if you want clear results, but presumably, the goal here is to show off how good the camera handles night time photography in general.

Other rumored features we’ve heard about the phone include how it might be able to use Google Assistant to hold calls for you. We’ve also heard that its display could be bumped up to 90Hz, and how will also come with new motion gestures that won’t require users to even touch their phones.

Source: ProAndroid

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