Sep 10th, 2019

Back in August, it was discovered that Google was working on a new subscription service called Google Play Pass. Based on the description, it seems that this was basically Google’s answer to Apple Arcade, the game subscription service that Apple had announced earlier in the year.

Now according to a tweet by the official Google Play Twitter account, it seems that the service will be launching soon. Just in case you’re learning about Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass for the first time, both these services are designed to appeal to gamers, where for a flat monthly fee, they will be able to access premium games.

These days, the majority of developers have adopted the free-to-play model where instead of charging upfront for a game, they are releasing it for free where they hope that in-game purchases will entice gamers to spend. While we can’t speak for Google Play Pass, Apple Arcade will feature premium titles without microtransactions or ads, which in a way would kind of be like the Netflix for mobile games.

Google Play Pass is expected to be the same as well, although it seems to cover more than just games where it will apply to all other types of apps as well. Google did not mention when it will be launching, but presumably we will learn more at Google’s Pixel event which is rumored to take place in October.

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