OnePlus teases the remote from its upcoming TV


We know that OnePlus is building a TV and the details are light, but it does have our attention. A television from the company that helped push budget phones into the mainstream ought to be interesting, especially with the earlier rumor of an 8 speaker Dolby Atmos system built into it.

Today, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau took to Twitter to tease the upcoming television’s remote control. The first thing you’ll notice is how similar it is to the Apple TV remote. The resemblance is uncanny. At the top isn’t a touchpad; instead it’s a D pad like most other remotes. The volume rocker is also on the side, which is a very odd choice and makes the double size button an even odder and more Apple-like design choice.

There are a few interesting buttons though. One is the Google Assistant button, which will allow you to talk to the TV or potentially even the remote if you need your favorite Assistant. There’a also a OnePlus button, which is mysterious but could hint at some custom software on top of Android TV. And there’s a blank button, but we have no idea what that’s for.

Otherwise it’s a pretty average looking remote with a USB-C port at the bottom to charge. Maybe top-mounted volume buttons would have been better, but it remains to be seen.

We should see this TV launch later this month so stay tuned!

Dima Aryeh
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