OnePlus TV teased ahead of September launch


It has been known for a while that OnePlus plans on entering the TV market, and now thanks to a post on the OnePlus forums by a community representative, the company has confirmed the upcoming name and logo of their TV, which (unsurprisingly) will be known as the OnePlus TV.

According to the post:

“We are excited that there will soon be a new kid on the block called ‘OnePlus TV’ that is born out of the “Never Settle” spirit and ‘burdenless’ design philosophy. Honestly, it was harder than you could imagine during the naming process as we have seen so many creative names which made it a difficult decision. Eventually, we chose to be true to our core values, but we are thankful for all the suggestions from you.”

At the moment, not much is known about the OnePlus TV other than the fact that it is expected to be a smart TV. In terms of software, a filing with the Bluetooth SIG has confirmed that it will be powered by Android, so in terms of the availability and compatibility of apps, it shouldn’t be an issue on that front.

We have also heard that it could be offered in multiple sizes, where customers will be able to choose between 43-inches to 75-inches. In any case, we expect that more details will be revealed this September, which is when the OnePlus TV is expected to be officially launched, so check back with us then for more updates.

Source: OnePlus

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