Puma debuts their first Wear OS smartwatch


Smartwatches and fitness trackers seem like they would be an excellent fit with sporting good companies. In fact, several brands have taken advantage of this, like Apple with Nike and Fitbit with Adidas. Now it looks like Puma is ready to toss their hat into the ring by launching their own smartwatch.

Simply dubbed the Puma Smartwatch, this is a Wear OS powered smartwatch that sports a rather simplistic design which feels more functional than anything. Its case is made out of a combination of cutout nylon and aluminum, and it also features a silicone strap which means that even if you sweat, it won’t stain the band or cause it to smell.

It will come with the usual features that one might expect from a smartwatch, such as activity tracking where it will be capable of monitoring activities like pilates, rowing, and also the number of reps you perform during strength training. There is also heart rate tracking and built-in GPS that should be useful for those who run outdoors or who cycle.

There will also be 5ATM water resistance so if you wanted to take the watch for a swim, you should have no problems doing that. The Puma Smartwatch is actually launched in partnership with the Fossil Group, where back in 2018, both companies announced a 10-year partnership where they would help Puma design, develop, and distribute a smartwatch. This is actually the first of their efforts and we look forward to seeing what else they might have in store.

Source: Android Central

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