Sep 3rd, 2019

Not all storage is made equally. There are your regular platter-based spinning HDDs, then there is your faster SSDs. The latter is obviously more preferred as it is faster and due to the lack of moving parts, one could argue it is also more durable. Unfortunately, SSDs have been known to be a bit pricey, which is why using it as a backup drive can be expensive.

The good news is that if you are in the market for an SSD external backup drive but have yet to pull the trigger due to pricing, you’re in luck because over on Amazon, G-Technology’s 2TB G-Drive SSD is currently enjoying a whopping 60% discount.

This brings the price down from $750 to a much more affordable $300, which is expensive for a 2TB drive, but take note that this is an SSD, which means that it is quite a steal. The drive is small enough to slip into a bag when you’re out and about, making it ideal for use in the field if you want to quickly transfer photos or videos.

It offers transfer rates of up to 560MB/s and uses a USB-C connection, so it’s futureproof for more modern day laptops. G-Technology is also boasting a IP67 design which means that it will be able to withstand a bit of water. It is also drop-resistant from heights of up to 3M and will be able to take up to 1,000lbs of crush resistance.

If you’re interested, head on over to Amazon now and take advantage of the deal while it is still fresh!

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