Apple’s iPad Pros are enjoying a fantastic discount of up to $399 off


While Android might be our preferred operating system of choice when it comes to smartphones, it’s hard to deny how fun and useful Apple’s iPads are, especially if you enjoy doing a bit of designing and drawing while on the go. Unfortunately, Apple’s products usually come with what is known as “Apple tax” and as such, can be quite expensive.

If price was one of the reasons you held off on buying an iPad, here’s a deal that could change your mind. It appears that Amazon is currently running a deal on the iPad Pros (both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models). These are the latest models available and they are being discounted by as much as $399.

This means that instead of paying $1,549 for the 11-inch iPad Pro with 1TB of storage, you can save yourself $399 and only pay $1,149. These discounts apply across the various storage configurations, but it should be noted that the biggest discounts are for the 1TB model. Also, these prices do not include the Apple Pencil which you’ll need to buy separately.

Apple products rarely get discounted and even when they do, they aren’t discounted too heavily. This makes these deals quite a rarity and if you’d like to take advantage of it, you better move fast before the deal expires.

Buy On Amazon (11-inch iPad Pro)
Buy On Amazon (12.9-inch iPad Pro)

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