Huawei once again delays the foldable Mate X


Foldables phones have been in a lot of trouble since their big push in 2019. The Samsung Galaxy Fold suffered many failures in the hands of the press, illustrating its many design weaknesses. Some of those weaknesses were just poorly thought out design, but some are just the nature of the Galaxy Fold.

This caused a recall of review units and multiple delays for the device, leaving a space open for the competition to step in. The Huawei Mate X is direct competition to the Galaxy Fold and looked promising, especially with the folded layout being so much more usable than the tiny display on the Samsung.

However, the Mate X has seen delay after delay as well despite having no major controversies (because no one has publicly used one yet). Last we heard it was delayed until September, but now we find out that a September launch isn’t happening. Huawei said at a press event in Shenzhen that the device isn’t likely to launch until November and is ruling out a September launch. However, the company is adamant that the device is launching this year.

On the bright side, it is exciting to hear that the next iteration of the Mate X may have multiple displays and will launch in 2020. These displays may reside under glass slabs on the flat back panels of the device. It’s no surprise that this new tech is having issues, but we’re glad to see companies delaying the devices rather than pumping out something not ready for the public.

Source: TechRadar

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