Top 5 features of the Huawei Band 3e: Shockingly cheap and competent


When it comes to fitness bands, your choices are endless. Every company has dipped their toes into the fitness band game with varying degrees of success. Huawei has been making various fitness bands for some time now, and the Band 3e is their latest budget option. Here are the top 5 features of the Band 3e.


Let’s be honest, a big part of any buying decision is price. Having the best of the best is awesome, but dropping big money is not. So the Huawei Band 3e hits a real sweet spot at only $29.99. It’s fantastic that you can get a fitness band by skipping a few Starbucks visits. While better fitness bands exist, the bang for your buck here is undeniable.

Battery life

We live in a world where everything has to be charged. Our phones, laptops, Bluetooth earphones, watches, fitness bands, and even mugs have to go on a charger without fail. Any device that can stay off the charger for an extended period of time is a blessing.

The Band 3e can go 14 days of use without needing a charge. This is with daily fitness tracking, sleep tracking, and notifications. For full on workouts, you can get 40 hours total from a single charge. Even if you work out a few hours per day, you should get at least a week between topping up. Much of the competition can’t come close.


This fitness band has a unique feature I haven’t seen anywhere else. You can push it out of its silicone band and put it into a special clip. This allows you to attach the “band” (now a little bean of a device) to your shoelaces. Not only does this free up your wrist and prevent discomfort, it brings us to the next feature:


Attaching the Band 3e to your foot boosts the accuracy of the recorded data. Huawei claims that you can get a 97% accuracy on a treadmill. Smart band accuracy is a bit of a controversial topic, but being directly on your foot really helps here. Plus the device has a 6 axis tracking system where some others only have 3 axis.

Water resistance

With the Band 3e, you’re getting 50 meters of water resistance. On its own, this isn’t all that impressive. But for the price it’s excellent. Others that are more expensive feature light water resistance, while the 3e will allow you to go swimming

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