Jul 29th, 2019

Phones with curved edges aren’t new. Samsung has been sticking with that design in its smartphones for the past few years, and it wasn’t a surprise when we saw other handset makers start to adopt it as well. It looks like Oppo has decided that maybe it could be improved upon, and has since come up with a new “waterfall screen” design.

The company has recently taken the wraps off on a prototype smartphone that sports a display with curved edges that are more pronounced and dramatic than we’ve ever seen. The photos also compare it against the Oppo Find X (pictured below to the left) which already sports a curved display, but looking at them side-by-side, the Find X’s screen looks almost flat.

According to Oppo, they have opted for an 88-degree fold on both the left and right sides of the phone, making its bezels almost look invisible. While it is an achievement in terms of design, we’re not sure if there is any practicality to it. Since we grip our phones at its sides, what’s to stop us from accidentally activating certain features or functions?

What’s the purpose of even having a display so dramatically curved if we can’t see it? That being said, it is a prototype after all and Oppo has kept mum on its specs and features, so we’ll probably have to wait for a production model before we have a better idea of what kind of purpose this design could serve.

Source: Engadget

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