Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might swap out its earpiece for Sound on Display technology


We have to be honest, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 doesn’t sound like the most exciting of phones. Sure, it will be a beast in terms of performance and specs, but other than that, what we’ve heard so far makes it feel like it’s just more of the same. But maybe we could be wrong.

A tweet by known leakster Ice Universe has revealed an interesting tidbit about the upcoming phone. According to the leakster, he claims that the Note 10 could actually be using Sound on Display technology. For those who are unfamiliar with the tech, it basically uses vibrations to help send sound through the display.

This means that instead of using traditional components like speakers, your display could act as a speaker as well. This means fewer components which could make the phone thinner and lighter. Ice Universe claims that Samsung might actually replace the earpiece of the handset with Sound on Display tech. While we haven’t actually tried it ourselves, you can bet that we are interested.

That being said, Samsung would not be the first company to use the tech. LG had also used a Sound on Display for its LG G8 ThinQ smartphone that was launched earlier this year. Take this report with a grain of salt for now, but with the Note 10 said to be scheduled for a launch on the 7th of August, we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

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