LG G8 could feature ‘Sound on Display’ technology


The reason why the notch in our smartphones exist is that there needs to be a place to house several key components, such as ambient light sensors, a front-facing camera, and speaker. While companies like Samsung might have a way around the front-facing camera with a punch-hole display, that does leave the question of what about the other components?

According to @OnLeaks, the upcoming LG G8, could feature the use of “Sound on Display” (SoD) technology. For those unfamiliar with this technology, that it relies on vibrations from the display to transmit sound.

The concept is similar to bone conduction audio technology, where in place of traditional tweeters found in headphones, it uses vibrations to allow the user to “hear” sounds. We’ve seen this implements before in devices like the Xiaomi Mi MIX back in 2016. With LG potentially taking advantage of this technology, it means that there is a chance that they could eliminate the need for an earpiece speaker. In turn this could mean that we could see the notch eliminated.

What’s interesting about this rumor is that LG might not be alone in using this technology. Late last year, Samsung teased some of its new display technologies, including Sound on Display. The question is: who is going to be the first to the market with it? There is also the other question of whether or not such technology will be useful or if it will simply end up being a novelty.

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