Samsung set to unveil the Galaxy Note 10 on August 7th


If you’re a Samsung Galaxy Note fan, you better circle August 7th on your calendar since that’s when Samsung is planning to launch the new Note 10. Sources familiar with Samsung’s plans have informed CNET that has booked the Barclays Center in Brooklyn for the Note 10 launch event which is the same venue that Samsung unveiled the Note 9 in.

The unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in August shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone since Samsung has been releasing its Note lineup in late summer for quite some time. What’s different this time around is that rumors indicate that Samsung plans to release the Note 10 and a Note 10 Pro this year to give consumers two different sized phones. The final details of the two devices are still up in the air, but leaks show that Samsung may finally be ready to introduce a new design language to its Note lineup, featuring flat top and bottom edges.

For more details about the phone, make sure you check out our Samsung Galaxy Note 10 rumor roundup.


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