Jun 19th, 2019

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold, it’s safe to say that most of us kind of anticipated that design. It is not necessarily a bad design by any means, but when Huawei took the wraps off their foldable smartphone, the Huawei Mate X, it’s safe to say that it was definitely a breath of fresh air.

It turns out that the Mate X’s design isn’t the only design that Huawei could be considering. According to the folks at LetsGoDigital, they have uncovered some recent patents that were awarded to Huawei which shows off the company’s plans for what seems like more potential foldable smartphones.

Image credit – LetsGoDigital

For those unfamiliar, the Galaxy Fold folds like a book, where the main display resides inside the fold. Huawei’s Mate X, on the other hand, keeps the main display outside of the fold where it wraps around the display. These patents seem to expand on it, where as you can see in the render above, the main portion of the phone can act as a surface of sorts where the displays will unfold around it, turning it into a large tablet. When not in use, the display will fold back around the body of the phone.

Image credit – LetsGoDigital

The patents don’t just stop there because another potential design is where the display of the phone is unfolded vertically, where part of the phone can be used as a stand while the display stretches upwards, creating a stand of sorts. This might be useful if you’re making video calls and want a larger display to see the other person.

That being said, these are only patents so there’s no telling if Huawei plans on making it a reality. In the meantime, the Huawei Mate X has been delayed until September for “extra testing”.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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