Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro might only come with 25W fast charging


According to the rumors, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected to be offered in a “normal” version and a Pro version. Presumably the Pro version will offer the best hardware that Samsung has in its arsenal, such as the rumored 45W fast charging whose charger was recently spotted in a photograph.

Unfortunately, it turns out that maybe the Pro version of the Note 10 might not be as “pro” as we thought. This is according to a tweet by XDA Developer’s Max Weinbach where he claims that the Pro version might only come with a 25W fast charging system. Now, 25W is by no means a slouch, but 45W certainly gave 45 reasons why we were pretty excited for the phone.

Instead, it has been suggested that the 45W charging system might only be used in the new Galaxy A90. It has been pointed out that when Samsung first introduced its 25W fast charging system, it made its debut with the Galaxy A70, so it’s not a stretch to think that the company could save the 45W for the Galaxy A90.

It is possible that Samsung might be using its A-series to test its upcoming tech before deciding to include it in their flagships. Also, Weinbach’s tweet only mentions the Note 10 Pro specifically, so maybe, just maybe, the regular version of the Note 10 could actually pack the tech.

In any case, if the rumors are true, it could be rather disappointing, especially when you consider that Samsung is said to be considering a $1,200 price tag for the upcoming handset.

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