This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s rumored 45W charger


Fast charging is all the rage these days. This is because smartphone makers have yet to figure out batteries that will allow our phones to last for days on end, and instead have opted to offer up fast charging as an alternative. So far most fast charging solutions have been pretty speedy, but Samsung could be challenging that with its upcoming Galaxy Note 10.

There have been rumors that have suggested that Samsung might be launching a 45W charger with the smartphone, and now thanks to a photo obtained by GalaxyClub, this is what said charger could look like. It doesn’t look like much, to be honest, but based on the photo, it does look pretty huge which could lend credence to the rumor of 45W fast charging.

To give you guys some context regarding fast charging, some of the options available in the market today include Oppo’s SuperVOOC tech which charges at 50W, while OnePlus has its own Warp Charge system which charges at 30W. Xiaomi recently showed off its own fast charging system called Super Charge Turbo which offers 100W charging, although the system has yet to find its way to an actual smartphone.

That being said, while fast charging is welcome, there are things to take into consideration, namely the health of the battery where so much power could result in it degrading faster than normal, but we suppose that’s the trade-off if you want to charge your phone in a short amount of time.

Source: GalaxyClub

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