May 14th, 2019

Over the years, Samsung has without fail released a new Galaxy Note handset. Usually, there is only one variant available in different storage sizes, but according to recent reports, it has been suggested that the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 could be launched in two variants: one “regular” version and one “Pro” version.

We’re not sure what kind of features or hardware differences will set the “Pro” version apart from the regular Note 10, but we have heard that Samsung could be looking to adopt a quad camera setup for the Note 10, so perhaps it could be exclusive to the Pro version while the regular version will be a more affordable alternative.

Also, it seems that benchmarks for the upcoming handsets have been spotted where the model being tested has a display resolution of 412×869. This is obviously kind of low for a device like the Note 10, but it is possible that it is still being tested and this is just an early prototype. But what’s interesting is its aspect ratio which is 19:9, versus 18.5:9 which is what the Note 9 from 2018 used.

At the same time, Samsung has adopted the 19:9 ratio for its Galaxy S10 series, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise that they might do the same for its Note series as well. Take it with a grain of salt for now, especially since we are still several months from learning anything official, but hopefully, additional details will surface later on.

Source: LetsGoDigital