Feb 25th, 2019

These days we’re starting to see companies introduce more cameras to the back of their phones to the point where dual cameras have become the acceptable standard, and having a single camera feels downright pedestrian. This is why we’re seeing companies such as Huawei and Nokia launch devices with three cameras or more.

Samsung has also hopped onto the triple camera bandwagon trend with their recently announced Galaxy S10, but that could change with the Galaxy Note 10 which is scheduled for a launch later in the year. This is according to a report from SamMobile who claims that according to their sources, the Note 10 could be packing a quad camera system on its back.

Details about the camera system are unknown at this point in time, but we should point out that this will not be Samsung’s first quad camera smartphone. The company had previously released a quad camera smartphone with the Galaxy A9 back in 2018, and the 5G Galaxy S10 also features a quad camera setup, all of which suggests that quad cameras could be where Samsung will be headed in the future.

We’re not sure if the Note 10’s camera setup will be reusing the setup on the Galaxy S10 5G, so we’ll just have to wait and see. The Note 10 is still quite a long way off from being announced as this usually takes place in the later part of the year, so until then take it with a grain of salt for now.

Source: SamMobile

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