Samsung push update to Galaxy S10 and S10+ to improve fingerprint sensor


The Galaxy S10 and S10+ featured Samsung’s first attempt at an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the display on its flagship series, which has been met with mixed responses. Samsung seems to have acknowledged that the sensor isn’t as accurate as it could be and is pushing out a small update that seems to address this exact issue.

Simply listed as a 6.9MB update that addresses the biometric fingerprint security, the small update is now rolling out across all S10 and S10+ devices. The sole purpose of the patch is to improve the responsiveness of the sensor with early reports suggesting the ultrasonic sensor is now faster and much more accurate.

Typically, Samsung will bundle changes into larger updates that would also contain the monthly security updates but it seems on this occasion Samsung felt the need to push the button on this update early.

The update should be heading to your device at the time of writing but if it’s not showing up then either spam that button to check for updates or wait 24 hours for it to trickle down. If your device has had the update, be sure to drop a comment below and let us know if you’ve noticed any difference in the performance of the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on your S10 or S10+.

Via: PocketNow

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