Apr 5th, 2019

In a bid to avoid using the notched design, we’ve seen companies such as Samsung turn to the use of the hole-punch display. We’ve also seen companies such as Vivo and Oppo opt for popup and slideout cameras, although judging by the latest patent, those feel pretty tame by comparison.

In a patent that was discovered by LetsGoDigital, it appears that Oppo is toying around with the idea of a smartphone that features a slideout secondary display. As you can see from the render, basically Oppo wants your phone to feature a smaller display that can popup as and when needed.

Image credit – LetsGoDigital

We are not sure what use a secondary display hiding inside your phone will have, but LetsGoDigital suggests that it could be used to display additional controls. For example, it could be used in gaming where it could be utilized for movement so that your thumb doesn’t cover the display. It could also be used to control media playback, or maybe separate controls for surfing the web.

If you thought that maybe this is some kind of belated April Fools joke, apparently that isn’t the case. We have to say that it is bordering on ridiculous, although thankfully the good thing about patents is that they don’t always come true.

This is also not the first time we’ve seen Oppo come up with something a little outrageous. More recently, a leaked photo and video surfaced showing off the company’s upcoming Reno smartphone with a tilted, motorized front-facing camera.

Source: LetsGoDigital

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