Apr 5th, 2019

True wireless earbuds are all the rage and everyone’s trying to get their foot in the door and release something to compete with Apple. The Apple AirPods are an undeniable behemoth in the earphone market (even if they don’t necessarily do it best) and pretty much every company is putting some form of true wireless earbuds out on the market.

So it comes as no surprise to hear rumors of Amazon planning to release true wireless earphones this year. Not only does the company dabble in a variety of different markets and types of electronics, but they also have a massively popular virtual assistant. And everyone knows that if you have an assistant, it has to be everywhere. Yes, the rumors claim that these earphones will feature Alexa integration.

The company will also reportedly focus on audio quality, a blessing in a sea of mediocre sounding earbuds. Even the Galaxy Buds, which I consider one of the best pairs of true wireless earphones on the market, don’t sound all that great for the money.

Unfortunately we don’t know how much they’ll cost. They could launch as early as the second half of 2019 but we’ll have to see how Amazon manages to integrate Alexa into earbuds across both Google and Apple platforms. It’s easy for the two companies to do it across their own phones, but Amazon may be in for a challenge.

Source: Bloomberg
Via: The Verge

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