Mar 29th, 2019

Though we’re still seeing new devices launch with notches (we’re looking at you Samsung and Huawei), the notch is on its last legs. We’ve seen countless interesting designs that forego the notch, using motorized pop-up front facing cameras, manual sliders, and even second displays on the back of the device so you can use the main camera for selfies. The future looks bright for truly bezel-free displays as well, as rumors claim in-display cameras are on the horizon.

The latest notch-killing creation comes from this leak of the Oppo Reno, a device with a unique triangular front facing camera that automatically pops up when needed. Rather than using the traditional method of a square whirring out of the top, Oppo has put a large contraption on a hinge.

What is this wild setup good for? Well, nothing it seems. It’s an aesthetic choice more than anything, and we have to admit that it looks good! A motorized pop-up camera usually means a lack of water resistance, but the tradeoff is no notch or hole punch to interrupt your viewing pleasure.

Not much else is known about the mysterious Oppo Reno as of right now, so we’ll have to wait for the next leak to find out if we can expect some flagship specs out of this device. But for now, enjoy this video of the motorized camera in action. Hopefully the next wave of major smartphone releases will drop the notch.

Source: Slashleaks
Via: The Verge

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