Someone got their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Fold early, here are the details


Last year, Samsung announced and confirmed that they were working on a smartphone with a foldable display, but stopped short of actually announcing anything. Then at the company’s Unpacked event last month, they took the wraps off the phone and shared some details about the handset, such as its specs.

Unfortunately, the company did not allow anyone at the event to get their hands on the device, meaning that in terms of feel and usability, it’s still anyone’s guess as to how well it actually handles. Now in a tweet by XDA Developer’s Mishaal Rahman, it seems that he managed to get in touch with someone who got their hands on the phone earlier than expected, and who shared some of the details with him.

The Q&A session between Rahman and his source runs for quite a bit, but some of the takeaways from the series of tweets include how the handset’s performance is on par with the Samsung Galaxy S10+, which isn’t surprising since both phones use the same Snapdragon 855 chipset.

It has also been revealed that the phone when folded leaves a small gap like a binder. The source also notes that the delay when opening and closing the phone is rather bad, and in some cases, apps such as Chrome ran into issues rendering websites when switching between modes.

Last but not least, with regards to the very obvious-looking crease that was spotted in a recent video, Rahman’s source confirms that it is noticeable, but it isn’t too bad. It also becomes less noticeable if your display’s brightness is set at 70% or more. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is currently set to be open for pre-orders come 26th of April, with a release pegged for the 3rd of May, so we should have more details then.

Source: Mishaal Rahman

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